Get the glow quick and easy: rms beauty signature set

Glowy skin in a minute with rms beauty signature set: 2x lips & cheeks +  2x highlighter + lip balm

Mod Kollektion: Master Mixer Highlighter, Living Luminizer, Lip2Cheek (Smile & Spell), Cocoa Lip & Skin Balm.


Mod Collection (54 Euro Niche Beauty) there is one more here

Master Mixer Highlighter, Living Luminizer Highlighter, Lip2Cheek (Smile & Spell), Cocoa Lip & Skin Balm.

I really like easy stuff.  As an make up artist I love working with sets and palettes. Just from the packaging and packing perspective. On the other hand I am a mom and don’t have plenty of time for my make up in the morning. Well, I must commit, maybe I prefer sleeping a bit longer during the week and staying lazy in bed at the weekend ; ).

Anyway, this set ist great. Of course it is organic. It comes in an simple white set with 4 colors and one lip balm. So you don’t need too much products in you beauty kit because of these 2 in 1 colors for lips and cheeks. Also the two highlighter are great for eyes and cheekbones. Even on the lips it could be very nice!

I always love to play around with colors. One thing for the warm season: it melts on high temperture, because it is creamy. So, don’t leave it in the car when it is hot outside.



rms beauty signature set

lips, cheeks rms beauty

foto: christian walmroth

make up:  miriam jochims

haare: timo pfaff

model: zoe

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